About The Ethics & Compliance Magazine

The idea of a professional serial publication dedicated to the Ethics & Compliance community took shape in 2007, while Cristian Ducu was designing the CECO training program (Certified Ethics & Compliance Officer) for his former company. He felt a strong need for some sort of magazine to disseminate the existing know-how and experience in this field, to debate relevant topics in a structured way, to help people identify new trends in their area of expertise and share opinions on particular case studies. After 9 years of developing this field in Romania both in the public and business sector, he released the 1st issue of the Ethics & Compliance Magazine (ECMag). The official launch took place on February 11, 2016, as part of the 1st edition of the “Romanian Ethics & Compliance Forum“.

ECMag is published 3 times per year (Spring, Fall, Winter) by the Centre for Advanced Research in Management and Applied Ethics (CARMAE), in partnership with the European Ethics & Compliance Association (EECA). The publication is supported through donations and sponsorships from CARMAE and EECA partners. The 1st issue, which had only 1000 copies, was distributed free of charge. From the 2nd issue forward, the magazine will be available on-line for a regular fee for electronic and printed copies.

The mission of ECMag is to share expertise in the field of Ethics & Compliance and other relevant fields, to help shape and strengthen a professional and comprehensive approach to integrity management in business, public, non-profit and academic sectors. Our educated conviction is that integrity can be achieved only through integrative measures that cover 360 degrees the company profile, architecture, processes, people, and partners.

At this time, ECMag is not accepting submissions. It publishes only invited materials. Consequently, we advise those interested in publishing their work to find alternative solutions. The only “not-invited” materials we might publish are letters from our readers concerning the content of any of the issues we release annually.

Our contributors subscribe to our Publication Integrity Statement, which was introduced as a way of preventing plagiarism and other forms of dishonesty in academic and non-academic publications. Also, all materials go through an open-review process, where the Editorial Board assess if the contribution is observing the mission of the magazine and all the other policies.